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100% Employee Owned Enterprise
We Have A Boss. It's Our Customer.

Introducing our newest product line, an improved weldless interlock system, Trinity Products’ Tri-Loc

Weldless Interlock System

Cost-Effective method for pipe installation

Combining our state of art spiralweld pipe mill & our AISC certified fabrication facilities, our Tri-Loc product creates a cost-effective method for pipe installation while also improving job site efficiencies.

Tri-Loc utilizes a precision machined joint fit that eliminates the need for time-intensive field-applied butt welds on casing pipe installations.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flush on both I.D. and O.D.
  • Leak-proof under considerable ground pressure
  • Diameters: 24” to 120” OD
  • Wall Thickness: .375” – 1.50”
  • Manufactured to ASTM A252 Gr3
  • Custom Lengths and Coatings Available Upon Request

Tri-Loc Details

Our Tri-Loc product offers cost saving benefits in raw materials, labor, and equipment intensive processes of pipe jacking, auger boring and pipe ramming. Field welding is no longer necessary, which eliminates all the down time associated with the welding process.